Imagine a yeshiva

of regular תלמידים where every one of them has clarity in every Gemara they learn. תלמידים who can take high-level tests and ace them. Some of them opening a Gemara for the first time.
A Yeshiva where you can ask a question on a Gemara learned years ago, and they know it as if they learned it today. Kav Hatorah has the method that makes this a reality.

Don’t Just

Learn It

Know It

The Method


One on one
A new student learns one on one with a more advanced one who makes sure he understands every word in the Gemara and Rashi until it’s crystal clear.


Minimum Four Times
Once he fully understands his quota, he now reviews it at least 4 times.


Shakle Vtaria By Heart
After he’s learnt a whole page, he reviews it until he’s able to say the shakle vtaria by heart to his chavrusa.


Teach it to the paper
Now that he really knows it well, he writes it down in his own words as if he were ‘teaching it to the paper.’


Checking our Work
Roughly every 3 blatt, he completes a difficult test, which he then goes over it with the Rosh Chaburah, making sure he isn’t missing even one minute detail.


Student Turned Teacher
Once he is acing his tests, he will then become the advanced student teaching the beginner, making sure his student understands every word of the Gemara and Rashi until it is crystal clear.


Keep it Forever
Everyone’s memory is different, so the Rosh Chabura helps each student find the חזרה schedule that will work for him long term.


Add some depth
Iyun is a lot more enjoyable with the Gemara in your pocket. Our student will now have an amazing feeling going to an Iyun shiur on the Gemara he learned, memorized, wrote down, was tested on, and reviewed many times.

When We Finish

Siyumim are a big deal at Kav Hatorah. After going over a whole mesechta with the Method, the student didn’t just learn a mesechta -he now owns it he loves it, and he will keep it in his heart and mind for the rest of his life. Because of all the toiling he put into it, it calls for an extravagant seudas mitzvah. We go great lengths to ensure each student makes a siyum to remember.

they are saying


I am continuously reviewing and even TEACHING the 150+ Blatt I learned in Kav Hatorah. I feel incredible שמחה and excitement in my learning.



The Method completely changed how I feel about learning. Not only does it give me a real sense of accomplishment and thirst to know more, the stress on Chazara and clarity helps insure I really know what I learned and it stays with me long term.



In my first zman doing Kav Hatorah’s Method, I learned more than the previous 4 years learning in Israel combined.


By the numbers

Lives touched

Blatt Memorized

Blatt of Chazarah