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From the Rosh kollel


Coming back to the Torah life at 20 years old, I was ready and motivated to really shteig. The problem was, my motivation was on one level, but my skills were way behind. There was nowhere for me. Places for those on my skill level were for guys with very little motivation. I also couldn’t join places for the highly motivated, because my skills weren’t up to par. I ended up in a program where I was allowed mostly to do my own thing. This turned out to be the best thing for me. I discovered I had a real talent for creating and maintaining a serious system for my learning.

After a couple of years of doing this system myself, I started learning with a chavrusa, who also wanted to try it out. He had amazing success with it. He had never had such clarity, or felt such a geshmak in his learning as he does now. He can’t imagine learning any other way. A few months later, he told me he was giving the program over to two other guys – one of whom was close to giving up on learning completely. Both were shteiging unbelievably well.

A few years down the line, I noticed that the Kollel I was in seemed to be falling apart. I approached the Rosh Kollel, and offered to give over my system to help get the program  back on it’s feet. Seeing my success so far, he readily agreed. The other members of the program dropped what they were doing, and joined my chavrusa and I in this life changing system. The new group included those from various backgrounds- from the Ger who still didn’t know how to read a Gemara, to the guys who had been learning for years without finding their Geshmak.

Seeing that this program was literally changing the lives of everyone it touched, I decided it must be done on a larger scale. So I started Zichron Avraham Yeshaya, named after my Rebbi, Harav Avraham Yeshaya German Zt”l, who told me shortly before he passed away about his dream of making a program for guys without a place. Coming Soon! Extensive bio and stories of the Gadlus of Rav Avraham Yeshaya German.



R’ Yehuda Neumann

Rosh Yeshiva, Zichron Avraham Yeshaya

What We Do

The Method

So! What is this life changing method?

The method is a detailed and organized system where every person in the program is a student, a teacher, and a self-sufficient learner. Each and every person going through this program comes out with the Mesechtos they learned in their pocket, ready to move on and teach what they learned to others. In summary: Each Talmid gets taught one on one, until he knows it backwards and forwards. He then writes down the Gemara in great detail, as if teaching it to a child. After going over it again with his chavrusa, he has never felt such clarity in his life. He’s then tested on it, and is then able to go ahead and teach it to others. After a year doing this system, they now OWN a Mesechta. They then move on to learning with a chavrusa on their level. The method was carefully composed to really give each guy true, full clarity, and true feeling of accomplishment. Everyone who passes through feels undeniably like they have never really been learning until now. 

Learn  →  Clarify →  Memorize →  Write → Test → Teach

Contribute To Our Success

How We Help


For the bachurim looking to move on to the next step, we are very involved in the shidduch process and do our best to help them start their lives on the right foot.


Many of the guys are only learning half of the day. We do our best to help them with the job search process, and help them find the right fit for them. We also give them the skills to be able to teach.

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